Entrance Test Syllabus


Interaction with child and parents.


English A to Z writing, fill up, see the picture and write matching Math counting 1 to 40 ,fill up, count and write हिंदी अ से अः तक स्वर, क से ण तक व्यंजन लिखना, रिक्त स्थान भरना ,जोडे मिलाना, चित्र देखकर लिखना


MATHS - 1 to 100- countingwhat comes after, before between ,dodging ,table 2 to 5 ,sums addition subtraction(+,-) ENGLISH- see the picture and write, matching, parts of body हिंदी- चित्र देखकर लिखो, मिलाकर सही शब्द लिखो, फलों,सब्जियों पक्षियों,जानवरों के नाम लिखो


English -Opposite words ,month name, to animals name , any essay ( only five lines) Maths- 1 to 100 number names number and sums addition subtraction (+,-)1 to 200 what comes ,before after, between ,dodging table 2 to 8 G.K- animals (baby , sound, home) vegetables colour ,festival (related question answer) हिंदी - सही मात्रा लगाकर उचित शब्द बनाना ,चित्र देखकर लिखना विलोम शब्द, दिनों के नाम


English - Change the numbers, genders ,write opposite words, Any essay ( 5 lines). Maths- Write number names , what comes after, before and between , solve the sums ( +, - , *) , dodging table up 12 , write the time shown clock. Ev.S.- questions answers related to animals , sun, sky, plant, car, rickshaw. हिंदी- विलोम शब्द, पर्यायवाची शब्द, वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द, लिंग बदलकर लिखना, किसी एक विषय पर निबंध की पांच पंक्तियां


English - Make adverb, change the gender and number, change the sentence into interrogative sentences. हिंदी - पर्यायवाची शब्द, समानार्थी शब्द , वाक्य प्रयोग, किसी एक विषय पर निबंध की पांच पंक्तियां , शब्दों को शुद्ध रूप में लिखो Maths- sums +,-,×,number name , ascending order and descending order , sums (kg gram) , write the time shown by the clock Ev.S.- question/answer related to transport, fruits, months, sun , playing.


English-change the gender , use suitable articles, change the sentences into negative sentence, definition of noun, essay on my hobby (5 lines) हिंदी -पर्यायवाची शब्द, शब्द समूह के लिए एक शब्द, बहुवचन लिखिए, संज्ञा की परिभाषा, होली पर निबंध लिखिऐ Maths -shapes with name and examples ,sums+,-,×,÷, fractions +,- and ascending descending order, measures of weight+,- Ev.S.-question answers related to good manners, plants , food , water, earth and air.


English-Opposite words answer in one word ,make sentence, fill up-: (articles ,preposition) change the sentence into negative sentence ,write essay- My school or My country हिंदी-मुहावरे , समानार्थी शब्द, पर्यायवाची शब्द, संज्ञा विशेषण, निबंध- विज्ञान के चमत्कार अथवा प्रदूषण Maths- Roman numbers greatest number smallest number fraction (+,-, X) LCM and HCF, problem sums Science--Our body plants and animal, Our resources erosion and soil conservation matter and material.


No test syllabus will be provided for admission to class VI, VII and VIII. Test paper will be based on knowledge acquired by the student so far with reference to the desired level. Along with subject knowledge personality, communication skills and overall projection of the student will be the basis of granting admission to these classes. School reserves its right to deny admission without assigning any reason. Decision of school principal will be final in this regard.