School Founders

Neeraj Aggarwal

Mr. Neeraj Aggarwal (Principal)

Mr. Neeraj Aggarwal

The early years form the basic foundation of life, shaping both the child's character and his or her desire to learn. More than intellectual stimulation, children must learn to live and socialize with their fellow human beings as part of a considerate and mutually supportive community. Most successful students are those who stay positive and motivated towards life and bear pride in doing things rather than simply being competitive.

Madan Memorial has an endeavor to provide its students with an opportunity to express themselves freely and evolve as truly creative and strong individuals of the society. We help them acquire skills to carve out a niche for themselves.

Neetu Aggarwal

Mrs. Neetu Aggarwal (Manager)

Mrs. Neetu Aggarwal

In the environs of the M.L.M. Academy, this becomes our main endeavor to make the students potential leaders who will measure up to expected levels of self reliance and assertiveness, accelerating their strengths. Our aim is to provide quality primary education in a conducive learning environment making our students winners in all walks of life.

I am pleased to welcome you to M.L.M. Academy with the assurance that you will find your journey with school both enlightening and rewarding.